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In caring for children, prevention of disease is our top priority. Proper nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, stress management, and knowledge are the building blocks of health and wellness. We emphasize the importance of getting out into nature as often as possible to balance the amount of technology our children are exposed to. Maintaining an active imagination and a strong immune system are essential for pediatric wellness.service-ov-pediatrics.jpg

We offer a wide variety of naturopathic treatment options that are as effective as conventional pediatric care, however more gentle in their approach. From homeopathic and botanical remedies to counseling, our natural health clinic is ecological and therapeutic in practice.

We all seek to raise healthy children, in both mind and body. Our naturopathic doctors have a long history of common sense wellness in the care of their pediatric patients.


If you are looking for a doctor that is very caring, a great listener and very knowledgeable, then Dr. Aaron Morris and Dr. Steven Morris are the ones for you!

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