Neural Prolotherapy and Pain Management

Neural Prolotherapy

Dr. Aaron Morris received his training in Neural Prolotherapy or Lyftogt Perineural Injection Treatment in 2015 by Dr. John Lyftogt. Neural Prolotherapy is a safe and effective naturopathic treatment strategy for chronic non-malignant pain conditions.service-ov-neual-prolotherapy.jpg

According to Dr. Lyftogt, many chronic pain conditions result from neurogenic inflammation. When a nerve becomes chronically inflamed, it can no longer establish the resting membrane potential of a healthy non-inflamed nerve. This leads to more frequent and intense pain signals relayed to the brain by the inflamed nerve, resulting in perceived chronic pain. Neural prolotherapy targets these inflamed nerves and uses micro-dose subcutaneous injections to restore a normal resting membrane potential and healthy pain response.

The average number of treatments required to alleviate most conditions is 6-8, although all cases are individual and treatment plans vary.

Services Offered:

  • Naturopathic Manipulation
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound
  • Kinesiotape
  • Therapeutic Exercise

Thank you again Dr.Steve and Dr Aaron for taking such outstanding care of our niece you got her back on her feet so quickly.

- Sharon T., -

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